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The Powerhouse Project - 2013 

Nina Bradford
The following artists participated in this year's project.
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​Estacada on the Clackamas
The Powerhouse Project: North Fork Dam and Powerhouse

Estacada on the Clackamas: The Powerhouse Project, a collaboration of the Estacada Area Arts Commission and Portland General Electric, is a multi-year exploration of the industrial structures that shaped Estacada’s history. The Arts Commission sees this as an exciting way to explore and celebrate the history, geography and natural beauty of our community through the work of local and regional visual artists, writers, musicians and historians. We are grateful for PGE’s willingness and assistance in making this a reality and especially want to recognize Ede Andrade, Nick Loos, Mike Bender and retired PGE engineer and “historian” Bob Steele.

Over two beautiful June days, 30 regional artists, guided by PGE employees, spent hours exploring all aspects of the North Fork Dam and Powerhouse. During this “art jam” they sketched, took photographs and painted images of this dramatic PGE facility, then returned to their studios to create a final work. The results can be seen at Estacada Public Library through early January 2014, then will move to other exhibit spaces throughout 2014. 

The North Fork Dam is a thin arch dam with a large thrust block and three-gate spillway. It is 676 feet wide and 207 feet high, with a maximum thickness of 32 feet at the bottom and 8 feet at the top of the arch. The first concrete for the dam was placed in April 1957 and it was completed one year later. The semi-outdoor powerhouse is at the base of the dam; the electrical generators are outdoors and serviced by an outdoor crane. It has two 43,500 horsepower turbine generators, which give the plant a maximum capacity of 54,000 kW when river flows are adequate. The dam and powerhouse design are typical of the contemporary hydroelectric projects built during the mid-twentieth century. It is now just over 54 years old, the teenager of the Clackamas powerhouses.

Exhibit Schedule
Sept 20 - Jan 2014: Estacada Library
Jan - Apr, 2014: Clackamas County Development Services Building 
April - June 2014: PGE Headquarters in Portland
June - Aug 2014: CCC Wilsonville Training Center

Sue Allen
Connie Athman
Zeb Andrews
Eileen Belanger
Peter Carlson
Leslie Cheney-Parr
Ben Dye
Am Griswold
Eileen Holzman
Kathryn Hurd
Mindy Jensen
Caren Jones
Emma Kirchhofer
Julius Kuziemski
Thea Kuziemski
Phil Lingelbach
Earlean Marsh
Christopher Mooney
Neal Philpott
Pam Randall
Annette Reisbick
Janet Ronacher
Susan Schenk
Jeff Schnabel
Brenda Scott
Jean Thomas
Jill Torberson